This research deals with generation of double curvature forms with a single module: an equilateral triangle. Keywords: dome, geodesic, engineering, invention, discovery, find out, geometry, cupola, coupole, network, strut, connector, node, hub, building, space, structure, architecture, triangle, equilateral, identical, double curvature, doubly curved surface form, Lobel, form, business, venture capital

Vous pensez à une application pour les Lobel Frames, autre que l'architecture ? Faites le nous savoir !
Q: 6 equilateral triangles flat form a hexagon which is a figure that one cannot make convex. How do you procede ?

A: Positive and negative angles (mount and valley).

Q : Equality of lengths, proof ?

A : Extracts of files allowing to check lengths from a part of 4446.csm shape in the following formats: dxf, dwg, 3ds, max.
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