This research deals with generation of double curvature forms with a single module: an equilateral triangle. Keywords: dome, geodesic, engineering, invention, discovery, find out, geometry, cupola, coupole, network, strut, connector, node, hub, building, space, structure, architecture, triangle, equilateral, identical, double curvature, doubly curved surface form, Lobel, form, business, venture capital

Think of an application for Lobel Frames, other than architecture ? Let us know !
Air lifted structures
The weight of a traditional structure according to its destination can vary from 20 to 60 kg/m2, which corresponds from 2 to 6 g/cm2.
It is a pressure lower than the daily variation of atmospheric pressure.
This pressure is usually reached by commercial blowers.

An important characteristic of the forms presented here is their potential for geometrical development.
Indeed, the property of a surface to be able to pass gradually from a plane surface posed on the ground to a volume in 3 dimensions permits us to imagine an economic installation.
Exercing such a pressure acting under an articulated cover posed on the ground, we can raise it gradually to make him reach its position of use.
This implies of course that the structure must have articulated nodes so that it can morph while being raised. To carry out an operation of this kind 2 conditions should be met:
1/ To be able to pass from a plane surface to a volume in a continuous way.
2/ To have an articulated node allowing this movement.
These are exactly the conditions that the unit presented here meets.

We can imagine also not only the lifting of the structure but also the lifting of all the composite system which is associated for him.
Since the manipulation to be realized in space are merely easy operations of fixing and adjustment, they do not require further manipulation of loads.

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