This research deals with generation of double curvature forms with a single module: an equilateral triangle. Keywords: dome, geodesic, engineering, invention, discovery, find out, geometry, cupola, coupole, network, strut, connector, node, hub, building, space, structure, architecture, triangle, equilateral, identical, double curvature, doubly curved surface form, Lobel, form, business, venture capital

Think of an application for Lobel Frames, other than architecture ? Let us know !
The city of Nantes (as in the case of many other large French cities) has just launched a competition for the construction of an 8,500 seat concert hall called “the Zenith”.

The short-list was made according to criteria automatically excluding a large majority of candidates. In spite of everything, I decided to present a solution which I consider good.

Because :

1°/ Three-dimensionally more adaptable than anything constructed up until now.
For the choice between a wishy-washy matchbox and those who desperately seeking originality at any price (particularly a price paid by local taxes) is quite varied.

2°/ Economically profitable by using mass-produced modules.

3°/ Acoustically outstanding by the faceted shape of the vault which diffuses sound regularly.

4°/ Aesthetically… for you to judge!

December 12th 2003: Politically correct !

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I love vaults.

They are the oldest means man has found to protect himself and his progeny.
They envelop us like a mother her child.
It’s an unconscious caress that soothes us.
It’s man’s dream carved in matter.
It’s the open race of the bird flying towards its goal.
It’s the momentum that shoots up from the depths to soar to the sky.
It clears boundless space in one go when the idiotic straight line exhausts itself wanting to imitate it.
They protect us, warm us, reassure us.
I love them.