This research deals with generation of double curvature forms with a single module: an equilateral triangle. Keywords: dome, geodesic, engineering, invention, discovery, find out, geometry, cupola, coupole, network, strut, connector, node, hub, building, space, structure, architecture, triangle, equilateral, identical, double curvature, doubly curved surface form, Lobel, form, business, venture capital

Think of an application for Lobel Frames, other than architecture ? Let us know !
4/ Possibilities

Lastly, I wanted to associate a few projects which have not yet been carried out, hoping thus to incite among those who become acquainted with these forms the fervent desire to see them constructed for real.

Among the possible utilizations of these forms, I wondered if it is reasonably conceivable to imagine that molecules could exist or be made from the distribution of these points in space.
If there is a specialist among those who have knowledge in this field of research, could you please make yourself known to me?

Of course, the building of shelters seems to be the most likely application at the moment, the aesthetic qualities that these forms offer encourages one to also imagine their use in signaling noteworthy places like an important junction, a center of interest, or, in a general way, to draw public attention to a specific sight acting thus like a beacon indicating a passage, an obstacle or a port.

The possibility of making closed spaces encourages imagining constructing volumes containing liquids or submerged in liquid. Sub-marine spaces, floating, flying, space stations (Please do not consider me crazy, thank you). If it is not yet possible, it will be in the future. In any case, what is done later is studied now.
Uniformity breeds diversity: Emergency housing for war or natural disaster situations could also be envisaged. Due to the similarity of the components, manufacturing large series of modules incorporating modern conveniences, even in extreme conditions, can be considered. Also, low costs are an outcome because of mass-production.

Because even though the modules are all identical, assembing them according to a different set of instructions is sufficient to meet the most varied needs. Of course, specific modules ensuring waterproofness, isolation, openings, transparence…etc. must be provided for.