This research deals with generation of double curvature forms with a single module: an equilateral triangle. Keywords: dome, geodesic, engineering, invention, discovery, find out, geometry, cupola, coupole, network, strut, connector, node, hub, building, space, structure, architecture, triangle, equilateral, identical, double curvature, doubly curved surface form, Lobel, form, business, venture capital

Think of an application for Lobel Frames, other than architecture ? Let us know !
4/ Possibilities

Lastly, I wanted to associate a few projects which have not yet been carried out, hoping thus to incite among those who become acquainted with these forms the fervent desire to see them constructed for real. (Figure Cub_Possibilities 1/2/3)

Of course, the building of shelters seems to be the most likely application at the moment, however the aesthetic qualities that these forms offer encourages one to also imagine their use in signaling noteworthy places like an important junction, a center of interest, or, in a general way, to draw public attention to a specific sight acting thus like a beacon indicating a passage, an obstacle or a port.